The following is a redacted excerpt from my other blog’s entry on the recent jaunt up North:

I rejoined the twins and Kel Monday night, following 2100 miles of cross-country touring in the low budget class of a Mazda3. As you may recall, I ventured north to deliver Kel’s grandma to her frosty abode near Philadelphia. Hana came along for the ride; not out of choice or a lapse in judgment, but out of my desire and effortless urging for her to jump onto the back seat right before we left. No doubt Hana thought she was in for another dog park adventure. No doubt grandma thought we were going to the Sun Cruz casino.

All doubt was removed first for Hana, upon the merge onto I-4, and for grandma several exits later. Somehow we all managed to stay on each others’ good sides for the next 20 hours. Grandma insisted on announcing each and every maximum speed sign, though failed me twice when I sincerely needed to know the speed limit. Her response: “I no see the sign.” Yeah, so it may be my responsibility. Still, if I was caught speeding, she would’ve been appearing in South Carolina’s Orangeburg County Courthouse while Hana relieved herself on the front lawn.

On the way home man and dog toured Richmond on a miserable 33F afternoon with alternating drizzle and gust. The next four hours was spent driving through absolutely brutal sloppy rain to Fayetteville. Monday we took advantage of the first sighting of sun in two days by darting around the beach of Jekyll Island, Georgia. The last leg to Orlando was as boring as you would imagine.