“Let us proceed to an examination of the remarkable fauna of the prehistoric Middle West” wrote James Thurber in Prehistoric Animals of the Middle West. As JT covered that topic sufficiently and admirably, I will now proceed to an examination of contemporary Spanish vultures.

The Associated Press reports that these beasts are hungry. No, starving. The dirty birds’ predicament stems from EU laws–meant to control the spread of mad cow disease–requiring dead animal carcasses to be cleared as soon as they acquire carcass status. (“Carcass Status” is a delightful collection of syllables and deserves its own blog entry; stay tuned). With no rotting meat littering Spanish fields, vultures in search of a meal are left scratching their nasty bald heads. Hot on the issue is Madrid’s government, proposing to relax restrictions to allow certain expired cattle to remain in place for the vultures’ enjoyment. I say, huzzah! Putrid entrails all around.