On Saturday we partook of a twin-themed meet-up at a Seminole County park. During my one visit to the men’s room I spotted an advertisement scribbled in minuscule but careful print at face level above the urinal; it read: “Casselberry Home Depot bathroom for good time.” What informative and fun-loving citizens we have in Central Florida!  I appreciated the camaraderie inspired by such a notice; truly, it’s heartwarming that our fellow man reaches out to others who may be feeling down. Who doesn’t love a good time? I’m in!

I must admit, however, that the good Samaritan didn’t elaborate on the activities in store. Further, it’d be more helpful if the note listed the store hours and maybe even some store-bought items one could bring to assist in the revelry. Perhaps a bungee cord, for a tug of war match? A four-pack of fluorescents for a nervy game of Lightbulb Toss? Surely at least I should bring a hard hat?


Rest assured, I gave my keyboard a thorough scrubbing following this posting.