“Vim and vigor” versus “vinegaroon.” Which “v” shall emerge victorious as Vebruary 8th’s blog topic? Let’s consider the merits of both. The former packs a one-two punch of “v”-ness. (“Venus”, incidentally, lost in the quarterfinals). By nature it is a hard charger, bouncing from one foot to the next, anticipating a dirty but quick brawl. Its opponent is a less than charming scorpion-like insect—it is; look it up—that uses its…ahhh, that’s description enough; I can’t stare at the image on Wikipedia any longer. At any rate, the vinegaroon is in the finals not by luck but by its amusingly unwitting mix of two of my favorite tastes: vinegar and macaroons.

Despite a heated contest, I declare both participants winners. We need a bit more harmony today, what with the two Koreas again sparring, “tastes great” and “less filling” still a toss-up, and it already being 8:20 AM and time to move on with my day.