Keystrokes and kimonos are the first and last terms on page 381 of the desk dictionary that got me in trouble with “M”.  Another letter, presumably another post for the dustbin. Let’s see:

Anyone with some fashion sense can stroke keys in a kimono. Let them. I find the loose arm sleeves of the garment invite too much airflow for a comfortable typing experience. I rather my elbows stay warm during a blogabout (with this I claim the term “blogabout” for dogchewedopals before a lesser competitor dallies with it). Kimonos are better suited for a stroll down a boulevard bordered by blooming cherry trees, perfectly cut for lounging on a short sofa while holding a carafe of hot sake in one hand and a glossy copy of Power Sumo in the other.

Mercifully the keystrokes remaining in this entry are coming to an end. Though I can’t pledge this is the first write-up linking keystrokes and kimonos, I suggest it be the last.